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Student Demographics

Demographics of Students and Alumni
MEng in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management
UAB School of Engineering

160 adult graduate students, representing:


31 states in the U.S.

Alabama                                             New Mexico
Alaska                                             New York
Arizona                                             North Carolina
California                                             North Dakota
Colorado                                             Ohio
Florida                                             Oklahoma
Georgia                                             Pennsylvania
Illinois                                             Rhode Island
Kansas                                             South Carolina
Louisiana                                             Tennessee
Maryland                                             Texas
Michigan                                             Utah
Mississippi                                             Virginia
Missouri                                             Washington
Minnesota                                             Wisconsin

7 countries

Germany                                             Saudi Arabia
India                                             United States of America
Nigeria                                             West Africa

1 Federal District

Washington, D.C.                                              

2 Unincorporated Territory of the United States

Guam                                              US Virgin Islands

29 industry sectors

Aerospace Manufacturing (light to heavy)
Automotive Maritime
Basic Materials Medical Device
Biotechnology Military
Capital Goods Mining
Chemical Processing National Laboratories
Communications Services Nuclear
Consumer Goods Oil Production
Construction Pharmaceuticals
Education/Academic Research Professional Services
Energy Telecommunications
Government Retail
Health Care Utility, Electric
Industrial Utility, Oil & Gas

85 different undergraduate and/or graduate degrees

Anthropology           Geology
Applied and Natural Science           Graphic Arts
Applied Chemistry           Health Care
Applied Health Science           Health Management
Applied Physics           Health Science
Architectural Studies           History
Biblical Studies           Horticultural Science
Biochemistry           Human Resource Management
Business Administration           HSE Technology
Business Management           Industrial Management
CAD           Industrial Safety
Chemistry           Industrial Technology
Communications           Information and Telecommunications Systems
Computer Science           Interdisciplinary Studies
Construction Engineering Technology           International Relations
Construction Management           Labor Safety and Health
Education           Management
EHS Management           Marine Transportation
Electronics Engineering Technology           Mathematics
Emergency Admin & Planning           Molecular Biology
Engineering, Biomedical           National Security
Engineering, Chemical           Nursing
Engineering, Civil           Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health
Engineering, Environmental           Occupational Safety & Health
Engineering, Fire and Safety           Occupational SHE
Engineering, Geological           OHS&E Technology
Engineering, Industrial           Physical Science
Engineering, Materials           Physics
Engineering, Mechanical           Plant & Soil Science
Engineering, Metallurgical           Political Science
Engineering Technology           Project Management
Environmental Geology           Psychology
Environmental Health Sciences           Public Administration
Environmental Science           Public Health
Environmental & Occupational Health           Safety & Environmental Management
Environmental Policy & Management           Safety & Health Technology
Environmental Resource Management           Safety Management
Estate Management           Social Work
Fire Science           Strategic Studies
Forest Science           Technology
General Studies           Zoology


    • 14 Government Agencies
      • National
          • Los Alamos National Laboratory
          • McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
          • NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center
          • National Security Agency
          • Naval Surface Welfare Center
          • Tennessee Valley Authority
          • U.S. Army Department of Defense
          • U.S. Department of Commerce
          • U.S. Department of Energy
          • U.S. Department of the Navy
      • Local
        • Birmingham Water Works (Birmingham, AL)
        • City of Athens Utilities (Athens, AL)
        • City of San Jose, CA
        • Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Services (Tuscaloosa, AL)
    • 3 Military Branches
      • U.S. Army
        • U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
        • U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center
        • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      • U.S. Coast Guard
      • U.S. Navy
        • U.S. Marine Corps - Flight Training Squadron
        • U.S. Naval Warfare Center
    • Organizations
      • Education K-12
        • International Schools Group (Dharan International School)
      • Universities
        • University of Alabama at Birmingham
        • University of Virginia
      • Advocacy
        • National Electrical Contractors Association