bmes 2016From left, Savannah Dewberry, Aaron Sears, and Matthew Gray are pictured at the 2016 BMES Meeting in Minnesota.Three biomedical engineering (BME) graduates presented their capstone senior design project at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in early October. Savannah Dewberry, Mathew Gray, and Aaron Sears presented the project “Integrated Electroencephalography and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Device” as part of a scientific session on Neurodevices/Neuromodulation in the Neural Engineering track. 

The BME capstone design project is the culmination of the BME curriculum and features the development of working prototype devices, along with entrepreneurship, market research and outreach to the disabled community. BME students work within multi-disciplinary design teams with students from the School of Business to design and develop solutions for real-world issues for individuals with disabilities and the medical devices industry. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communication of the design, to various audiences, including the clients. Each spring, the design teams demonstrate their prototype device to faculty, graduate students and invited guests from industry and the community.

The project presented at BMES was completed in collaboration with Frank Amthor, Ph.D., and Mary Boggiano, Ph.D., from the UAB Department of Psychology. They plan to use the device in their studies on binge disorders.  The project was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the students’ travel was funded by VentureWell.

The team members explain their project in this video, which they completed as part of the capstone assignment. Click here to view examples from other 2016 capstone senior design projects.