Upcoming Lecture Offers Perspective on Nelson Mandela

pillaySelvum (Brian) PillayUAB School of Engineering associate professor Selvum (Brian) Pillay, Ph.D., will give a lecture on the late South African president Nelson Mandela on February 28, 2014 at 6 P.M.

Pillay will be offering his personal perspective as a native of South Africa in a lecture titled "From 'Terrorist' to President to World Icon: An Ordinary South African's Perspective on the Influence of Nelson Mandela on the Apartheid Struggle and Beyond."

The lecture is presented by the African American Faculty Association and the African American Studies Program. it will take place in room 102 of UAB's Heritage Hall.

From “Terrorist” to President to World Icon: An ordinary South African’s perspective on the influence of Nelson Mandela on the Apartheid struggle and beyond.


The African American Faculty Association & The African American Studies Program

Cordially invite you to attend a lecture by

Dr. Selvum Pillay