Six Students Win Awards at Graduate Research Day

The School of Engineering was well represented at the UAB 2014 Graduate Research Day, with five engineering students taking home either first or second place in their respective sessions, including four students from the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Winners are as follows:

Rana Atieh, master's student (BME, Alan Ebehardt)
2nd Place, Physical Science and Engineering

Patrick Hwang, Ph.D. student (BME, Ho-Wook Jun)
1st Place, Life/Biomedical Sciences

Joseph Phillips, Ph.D. student (CCE, Fouad Fouad)
1st Place, Physical Science and Engineering

Amanee Salaam, Ph.D. student (BME, Derrick Dean)
2nd Place, Physical Science and Engineering

Carrie Schindler, Ph.D. student (MSE, Derrick Dean)
1st Place, Life/Biomedical Sciences

Didarul Bhuiyan, Ph.D. student (BME, Tim Wick)
2nd Place, Life/Biomedical Sciences

For a complete list of all winners, click here.