Faculty members from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering joined Bessemer City Schools superintendent Fred Primm last week to speak to Bessemer students and parents at a STEM Awareness Forum.

photo201-3Abi Yildirim (front), director of the Signal Processing and Embedded Systems Laboratory, is joined by ECE faculty Arie Nakhmani and Hassan Moore.Department chair Murat Tanik, Ph.D., attended the event, along with assistant professor Arie Nakhmani, Ph.D., associate professor Hassan Moore, Ph.D., and Abi Yildiorim, Ph.D., director of the Signal Processing & Embedded Systems Laboratory.

The event was part of an ongoing effort to spur interest in STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. "Right now, we still have a good cohort of scientists and engineers who design our future," Nakhmani said in an interview posted on al.com. "Unfortunately, the trend is moving from the society of inventors and critical thinkers to users who don't understand the principles of science and technology. If this trend persists, any progress on medicine, science and technology will be delayed, and the only way to reverse the trend is by providing adequate STEM education."

In addition to helping parents and students understand the importance of STEM, Nakhmani says events such as this one also help SOE faculty by providing critical feedback that helps educators understand the interests, needs, and expectations of upcoming generations of college students.

The event was organized by Muirhead Graham (M&G) Technologies.