Endowed Funds

UAB is one of the country's preeminent research universities. As state assistance shrinks and the costs of higher education rise, private support becomes critical to the university's growth and ability to maintain its standards of excellence. The generosity of our donors has nourished UAB and made possible extraordinary achievements in teaching, research, and public service.

Benefit to UAB
Endowments are long-term investments in the university, held in perpetuity. They provide benefits such as scholarships and support funds to students and faculty year after year, generation after generation. Because the gift principal is invested and only a portion of the income is spent, a donor who creates an endowed gift today can be confident that it will grow and continue to support UAB in the years to come.

Benefit to Donor
As with any gift to UAB, an endowed gift offers donors the opportunity to have their names, or the name of a loved one, linked to an area of the university in which they have a special interest. Contributions to endowments can be made over a period of five years and are tax deductible.

Types of Endowments
There are many types of endowments from which to choose. Some donors create unrestricted endowments, recognizing that the needs and challenges of the future will differ from those of today. Unrestricted gifts are used for the highest priority needs on campus and provide flexibility as these needs change.

Other donors choose to direct their gifts to programs of special concern to them, knowing that these additional funds provide an opportunity for those programs to grow and excel. Some donors choose to endow a chair or professorship in the academic discipline that inspired them as students. Many donors create undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowships to aid deserving students. Others choose to support medical research in areas of particular importance to them.

Endowment Funding Levels

o   Endowed Chair - $1,500,000
This type of endowment is among the most prestigious and meaningful gifts that can be made to, or accepted by, an academic institution. An endowed chair may provide full salary or a salary supplement and fringe benefits for the recipient and support staff or other expenses as the endowment agreement permits. The holder may also use the honorary title associated with the chair.

o   Endowed Professorship - $500,000
This type of endowment provides income that may be used for a portion of the salary and fringe benefits of the holder, who may also use the honorary title associated with the professorship.

o   Endowed Visiting Professorship - $250,000
This type of endowment brings a visiting professor to UAB. This distinguished lecturer comes to UAB with skills and knowledge from another arena to share with peers on this campus.

o   Endowed Graduate Fellowship - $200,000
An endowed fellowship provides support to graduate students as they strive to fulfill the academic requirements in their field of expertise.

o   Endowed Research Fund - $100,000
Endowed research funds provide income to support research in the discipline, disease, or area of interest stipulated in the agreement with the donor.

o   Endowed Lectureship - $75,000
An endowed lectureship is used to bring a distinguished scholar to the university each year to lecture on a particular subject or in a specific discipline.

o   Endowed Scholarship - $25,000
The financial hurdles facing many young students today are often every bit as imposing as the academic ones. An endowed scholarship provides students help with tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other living expenses as the endowment agreement permits.

o   Endowed Program Support Fund - $25,000
An endowed program support fund may be used to provide for prizes or awards, to support seminars or other educational activities, to purchase equipment or much needed supplies for the program, or for other expenses as the endowment agreement permits.

o   Endowed Award Fund - $10,000
An endowed award fund may be used to provide prizes to students, faculty, or staff at UAB.