Gifts of Securities

UAB accepts gifts of publicly traded securities including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This type of gift may be transferred electronically or delivered in certificate form. It is the University's general policy for all publicly traded securities to be sold upon receipt. All gifts of stock should be accompanied by a letter from the donor stating his/her intention to give the securities to UAB.

To receive prompt credit for your gift, please contact Victoria Allen, Director of Development for the UAB School of Engineering, at (205) 934-8481 with the following information:

  • Your intention to make a gift to UAB
  • The estimated transfer date
  • The name of your securities firm
  • The name and contact information of your broker
  • The intended purpose of the gift

Securities, with properly completed endorsement(s) or stock power(s), should be hand delivered to UAB. Contact John Pelliccio at (205) 934-2172 or for instructions on how to properly prepare your documents. So that we may better serve you, please call and schedule an appointment to deliver these documents.