BERM Cores

The following cores were developed and supported by the BERM Center with the goal of providing essential services and scientific expertise to UAB investigators pursuing research in  tissue engineering. The administrative support of the BERM will provide centralized financial operation of these cores as well as review of core performance.
    • FRET Microscopy and Imaging Facility
    • The Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer core (FRET) is a cutting-edge state-of-the-art facility designed to provide High Resolution Microscopy for conducting FRET and other related Molecular Experiments.
    • Nanomatrix Scaffold Core
    • The Nanomatrix Scaffold Core is designed to provide biomedical researchers at UAB with the ability to fabricate nanostructured natural or synthetic fibrous scaffolds using electrostatic spinning and to characterize their thermal and rheological properties of these polymeric materials used for scaffolds.
    • Experimental Biomechanics Core
    • The Mission of the Experimental Biomechanics Core (EBC) is to provide state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel to facilitate measurement of mechanical properties of biological and man-made materials, structures, and constructs.
    • Bioreactor Core
    • The Bioreactor Core Facility provides bioreactor and bioprocess design and development services, bioreactor devices and culture facilities to investigators from UAB, industry and other institutions to develop tissue engineered constructs, 3-D tissue mimetics and stem cell therapies for preclinical and clinical applications.