Due February 18, 2013


The BERM Center invites pilot grant proposals in keeping with its mission to improve health care effectiveness by development and implementation of tissue regeneration therapies into clinical practice based on the latest advances in engineered tissue and regenerative medicine approaches. A new thrust of the BERM Center is the development of 3D tissue constructs which mimic human organs and which can be used for in vitro drug toxicity and efficacy testing. Proposals in this area as well as other aspects of tissue engineering are welcomed.




·         UAB BERM CENTER pilot grant awards are available to UAB investigators with a faculty appointment (Instructor-Professor).  


·         It is anticipated that applications from senior investigators will represent a new direction for the PI. Applicants are encouraged to propose new directions through basic and clinical research collaborations. 


·         Preference will be given to new investigators or to established investigators wishing to develop a new research direction that has not been otherwise funded by extramural sources in response to this call for grants.


·         Translational projects or those that demonstrate a path to human clinical trials are strongly encouraged.


·         Multi-PI grants from investigators working in different disciplines are especially encouraged to apply.


TERMS OF SUPPORT: $35,000 in direct costs for one year can be requested. The grant will support salary and appropriate supplies. PI salary may be included. No indirect costs are allowed and equipment should only be requested under unusual circumstances.




Details of Application


·         The application should conform to the page limitations of the NIH R21 grant (1 page Specific Aims, 6 page Research Plan which includes significance, innovation, and approach), with 0.5 inch margins, and no smaller than Arial 11 pt font. Use the NIH PHS 398 forms for the cover page, key personnel, budget, budget justification and the 4 page NIH biosketch with other support for all key personnel.


·         The research plan should include a description and timeline for project milestones and plans for future funding and translational application.


·         References are not included in this page limit.


·         The PHS 398 cover page should include the signature of the PI’s department chair.


·         Proposals using animals or human materials will need to include these sections and approvals will be required before funding can be started.


These materials should be contained within a single PDF file. Please e-mail the single PDF file as an attachment to Joanne Murphy-Ullrich (  Files must be received by


·         For additional information, please contact Dr. Tim Wick ( or Dr. Joanne Murphy-Ullrich (

Funding decisions expected:  April 1, 2013

Congratulations Dr. Ho-Wook Jun and Drs. Susan Bells & Peter Edward Prevelige Jr for being awarded the 2010 BERM Center  Pilot  Grants!
Dr. Ho-Wook Jun is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. His proposal is titled "Bone Mimetic Biphasic Nanomatrix for Bone Tissue Regeneration".
Drs. Peter Prevelige(Professor, Microbiology) and Susan Bellis (Associate Professor, Physiology and Biophysics) were awarded for their proposal titled "Protein Cages for Targeted Bone Imaging and Delivery of Bone Regenerative Factors".

Congratulations Dr. Ho-Wook Jun!

UAB receives NSF grant for intervertebral disk regeneration research

The National Science Foundation awarded Dr.Ho-Wook Jun - Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham -- a $407,348 annual grant to develop a highly integrated research, education, and outreach program around the development of bioactive hybrid nanomatrices for intervertebral disk (IVD) regeneration.

2010 Request for Pilot Grant Applications

Preliminary Proposal Due, May 7, 2010

The BioMatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BERM) Center requests proposals from
UAB faculty that investigate areas relevant to tissue regeneration and repair and the development
and application of novel biomaterials or bioreactors for tissue replacement products and
technologies. Examples of relevant areas include, but are not limited to, the development of novel
biomaterials, matrix scaffolds, and nanomaterials, bioreactors for stem cell expansion, cell-based
approaches for the treatment of human diseases, and novel methods for imaging of implanted
biomaterials and engineered cells.

The BERM Center is particularly interested in supporting research proposals that foster the
development of interdisciplinary research teams that bring together biological, clinical, and
engineering/quantitative approaches for application to biomedical problems. Use of BERM Center
Cores will be considered in evaluation of the applications. Research funded by this mechanism is
expected to lead to the submission of proposals competitive for major external research funding.


UAB BERM awards are available to UAB investigators with a faculty appointment at the level of
Instructor or higher who fall into one of three categories:

1. New independent investigators without current or past major research support as a PI from NIH or
other agencies (such as R01, P01 mechanism).

2. Established investigators who want to explore a novel idea or concept related to tissue engineering
and regenerative medicine that represents a clear departure from the investigator’s ongoing research

3. New teams of investigators who have not previously received joint, extramural funding from NIH,
NSF (or similar) as PI or co-PI for projects related to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


$25,000 per year in direct costs can be requested for the Pilot and Feasibility Study, including salary
support for research personnel and appropriate supplies. Salary support for the PI or co-PI is not
allowed. Equipment should only be requested under unusual circumstances.


Submission of P&Fs to the Center is a two-stage process:

The initial application should not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages and is due by May 7,
2010. The 2 page application should include a brief description of the hypothesis, specific aims,
statement of impact, a brief description of the approaches to be used in the experimental plan, a
statement of how the funds will be leveraged into extramural support, and an NIH biosketch for the
PI(s). Please limit references to 1 page (not included in the 2 page limit). These initial applications will
be reviewed for scientific merit, relevance to the BERM Center mission, proposed use of the BERM
Center Cores, and appropriateness of the budget.

• These materials should be contained within a single PDF file. Please e-mail the PDF file as an
attachment to Meg Dowds ( Files must be received by 4 pm May 7, 2010.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Timothy Wick ( or Dr. Joanne
Murphy-Ullrich (

• Decision on initial applications: May 21, 2010

• Full-length applications deadline: July 12, 2010

• Decision on full-length applications:~August 1, 2010 with funding starting September 1, 2010