Heritage Hall 125
1:25 P.M. - 2:15 P.M.


Date Title Name
2-Sep-16 "Development of an In Vitro, Three-Dimensional Microvasculature Model"

Lauren Marshall, Ph.D. Candidate

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

9-Sep-16 "The Biomechanical Role of Cancer-Associated Fibroblast in Angiogenesis"

Dr. Mary Kathryn Sewell-Loftin, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Steve George Transport and Tissue Engineering Lab

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Washington University in St. Louis

16- Sept -16 "The cycle of cure for heart disease: From basics to biomedical engineering"

Dr. Prasanna Krishnamurthy DVM, M.VSc., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

23- Sept -16  
"Designing modular biomaterials with spatially organized cues to guide functional tissue regeneration."

Dr. Lesley W. Chow, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering & Bioengineering

Lehigh University

30- Sep -16

Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanomatrix to Enhance Dialysis Fistula Maturation

Patrick Hwang, Ph.D.
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Endomimetics, L.L.C.
7-Oct-16 No seminar BMES Conference
14-Oct-16  Applications of Biomedical Engineering in Dentistry: Dental Materials Testing
 Nathaniel Lawson, D.M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering
Lehigh University

Sam68, a Major Player int he Vascular Inflammatory Response



Dr. Gangjian Qin, MD, FAHA

Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering

Director, the Molecular Cardiology Program, Department of Biomedical Engineering


3D Printing of Functional Scaffolds and Precision Tissue Models


Dr. Shaochen Chen, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair of NanoEngineering Department
Co-Director of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center
University of California, San Diego


 Translational Informatics and Its Application to Engineering for Precision Medicine

 Jake Y. Chen, Ph.D.
Professor of Genetics & Computer Science
Chief Bioinformatics Officer & Associate Director
UAB Informatics Institute, UAB School of Medicine

11- Nov -16 Biomechanics and Injury Epidemic
of Baseball Pitching
 Glenn S. Fleisig, Ph.D.
Research Director
American Sports Medicine Institute
18- Nov -16 BME Honors Research

Dr. Alan W. Eberhardt, PhD


Department of Biomedical Engineering

25- Nov -16 No seminar Thanksgiving Day