Carmona-MoranCarlos Carmona-Moran, a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering, was awarded a scholarship by the National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT). Having been in place almost 40 years, CONACYT is considered the most important postgraduate studies scholarship program in Mexico. The program allows Mexicans to make high level postgraduate studies at institutions with academic excellence, in Mexico as well as in other countries. Through different modalities, scholarships are granted to those who want to pursue a master’s degree, Ph.D., technical specializations and academic specializations.

A native of Guadalajara, Mexico, Carmona-Moran, received his master’s degree in biomedical engineering from UAB in August 2010. He is currently training in the laboratory of Dr. Timothy Wick, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.