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Professor and Chair
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BEC 358D
1150 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL
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Miscellaneous Information


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 1993

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Shivaji University, 1987

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Karnataka University, May 1985


ME 102 - Engineering Graphics

MSE 280 - Engineering Materials

MSE 382 - Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MSE 401:501 - Materials Processing

MSE 433:533 - Nondestructive Evaluation

MSE 490:590 - Mechanics of Deformation

MSE 498 - Senior Design I

MSE 499 - Senior Design II

MSE 634:734 - Design and Manufacturing for Automotive

MSE 635:735 - Advanced Mechanics of Composites

MSE 667:767 - Process Modeling and Simulation RESEARCH Dr. Vaidya’s broad areas of research and development focus are composites applications development, design, processing, performance evaluation, impact, fracture and fatigue, thermoplastic composites, nano and bio composites, nondestructive evaluation and modeling. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (2008-2010) U.K.Vaidyaand Lakshya Deka., Single and Multisite Impact Response of S2-glass/epoxy balsa wood core sandwich composites., Major Accomplishments in Composite Materials and Sandwich Structures, edited by I. M. Daniel,E. Gdoutos and Yapa D.S. Rajapakse, Book Chapter, pp. 541-570., Springer Publishers.

U.K.VaidyaImpact Response of Composite Materials and Structures, Impact of Composites, Ed. Serge Abrate., Book Chapter, In-print, Jan 2009.

U.K.Vaidya Chawla, K.K., Processing of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites., International Materials Reviews, v 53, n 4, p 185-218, July 2008.

K. Balaji Thattaiparthasarathy, S. Pillay, H. Ning, U.K.Vaidya., Process simulation, design and manufacturing of a long fiber thermoplastic composite for mass transit application, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 39, Issue 9, September 2008, p1512-1521.

Uday K. Vaidya, et al (UAB)., Shawn Walsh and James Sands Army Research Laboratory, Maryland, Design and Development of a Long Fiber Thermoplastic Helmet Liner SAMPE 2008, Long Beach, CA, May 18-22, 2008., CD-ROM Proceedings.

Haibin Ning, Selvum Pillay, Uday K. Vaidya,., Design and development of thermoplastic composite roof door for mass transit bus, Materials & Design, Volume 30, Issue 4, April 2009, Pages 983-991.

C.A. Ulven, U.K.Vaidya., Impact response of fire damaged polymer-based composite materials., Composites: Part B 39 (2008) 92–107.

A. Goel, K.K. Chawla, U.K.Vaidya, N. Chawla, M. Koopman., Characterization of fatigue behavior of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) composites, Materials Characterization, pp. 537-544, 60 (2009).

Thattaiparthasarthy, K. Balaji Pillay, Selvum; Vaidya, Uday K., Rheological characterization of long fiber thermoplastics - Effect of temperature, fiber length and weight fraction, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, v 40, n 10, p 1515-1523, October 2009.

Goel, A.; Chawla, K.K.; Vaidya, U.K..; Chawla, N.; Koopman, M., Characterization of fatigue behavior of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) composites, Materials Characterization,, v 60, n 6, p 537-544, June 2009.

Vaidya, A.S; Uddin, N.; Vaidya, U.K., Vibration response of 3-D space accessible sandwich composite, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, v 28, n 13, p 1587-1599, July 2009.

Uday K. Vaidya, Juan C. Serrano, Alejandro Villalobos, James Sands, James Garner, D esign and analysis of a long fiber thermoplastic composite tailcone for a tank gun training round., Materials and Design 29 (2008) 305–318.


Alabama Center for Nanostructured Materials., NSF/Tuskegee; 01/10-12/10

Thermoplastic Composites for Army Applications; Materials Processing and Application Development (MPAD); Army Research Laboratory;

Thermoplastic composites for missile applications; AMRDEC; 01/10-12/10

Thermoplastic Composite Microballoon Composites; NSF/SBIR; 12/09-06/10

Protective Composite Armor Army/MMI-ES; 03/10-07/10

Coloring of Long Fiber Thermoplastics; NSF STTR Phase II - Shepherd Color Company; 01/07-12/09

GATE Center for Lightweight Materials for Automotive; Department of Energy; 10/05-09/10

Blast Resistant Nanocomposites; AFRL/Tyndall; Co-PI; 02/10-02/13

EMI Shielding studies on Sandwich Composites; Spaceage Synthetics; Co-PI; 09/09-08/10

Thermoplastic Composites: Progressive Forming and Deflective Helmet; Army Research Laboratory; 01/08-06/09

Nanostructured Sandwich Composites ; Office of Naval Research/Univ. of Puerto Rico; 05/07-05/10

Blast Resistance of Sandwich Panels Office of Naval Research/Univ. of Mississippi; 05/07-12/09

VARTM for Bridge Structures-Phase III; ALDOT; Co-PI; 06/09-12/10

Vestavia Bridge Design and Analysis; DOT/Vestavia; Co-PI; 06/09-12/10

Microballoon Thermoplastics Processing; Trelleborg Cummins Emerson; Co-PI; 08/08-05/09

Carbon/epoxy panels and Hydrodynamic Testing; Blazetech Corp.; 07/08-12/10

Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Panels; Ticona Inc; Co-PI; 02/09-01/10 SERVICE (current)Professional Service Associate Editor SAMPE Journal of Advanced Materials

Reviewer for journals such as - Materials Science & Engineering Journal of Thermoplastic Composites; Journal of Materials Science Composites Part B and Composites Part A : Applied Science & Manufacturing; Journal of Composite Materials; Journal of Impact Engineering

Review for agency panels including NSF, Army and DOE

Member of Organizing Committee; SPE Automotive Conference (ACCE), Troy, Michigan, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Member of Organizing Committee; International Conference of ACCE

Education Chair of SPE Automotive Composites Division

Organizer – Structural Composites Conference, August 2010, UAB

Organizer – Structural Composites Conference (Feb 2006 & March 2008)

Serving on the Industry Advisory Board of Lawson State Community College; Industrial Maintenance and Manufacturing Program.

Secondary appointment in Mechanical Engineering, UAB to support Automotive and Interdisciplinary Engineering programs

Principal – Innovative Composite Solutions (ICS LLC); spin-off commercial company specializing in advanced composite products University University Committee Member; Member of Faculty Procedures and Policies Committee (FPPC) – 2006-2009. School of Engineering Rank and Tenure School Committee (Chair)

Student Chapter Advisor ; Society for Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Service on student committees of UA, Tuscaloosa students

Mentorship and participation in Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) - Ronald Johnson REU participant hosted by the Physics department.

GATE workshop; Continued GATE workshop activities for high school students and community colleges.

Open House Activities and Honors Day

Support of science and honor’s program, UAB

Community Service

President, Indian Cultural Association of Birmingham (ICAB), 2009-2010; Membership of 200+ families

Faculty Advisor; Association of Indian Student chapter (AIS), UAB