Department of Biomedical Engineering


Ph.D., Duke University


Dr. Pollard joined the College of Engineering faculty in 1996. He previously taught at Tulane University, and has also taught at the University of Utah. He was one of two recipients nationally of the National Science Foundation/National Young Investigator Award in the Bioengineering and Aid to the Disabled program during 1994.

Research Interest

Andy Pollard's research interests include cardiac electrophysiology, computer modeling of action potential propagation and experimental techniques for measurement of cardiac electrograms.

Current Research

Model and experimental studies of the evolution of the excitable gap for improved antitachycardia pacing (NSF award - BES/9903466)

Recent Publications

Schafferhofer-Steltzer I, Hofer E, Huelsing DJ, Bishop SP, Pollard AE: Contributions of Purkinje-myocardial coupling to suppression and facilitation of early afterdepolarization-induced triggered activity. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 52:1522-1531, 2005. PMID: 16189965

Wiley JJ, Smith WM, Ideker RE, Pollard AE: Measuring surface potential components necessary for transmembrane current computation using microfabricated arrays, Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2005 Dec;289(6):H2468-77. Epub PMID: 16085679

Knisley SB, Pollard AE: Use of translucent indium tin oxide to measure stimulatory effects of a passive conductor during field stimulation of rabbit hearts. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2005 Sep;289(3):H1137-46. Epub 2005 May 13. PMID: 15894581

Spitzer KW, Pollard AE, Yang L, Zaniboni M, Cordeiro JM, Huelsing DJ: Cell-to-cell electrical interactions during early and late repolarization. J. Cardiovasc. Electrophysiol., accepted 7/20/05


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