“Ride Safe”-Reducing Motorcycle Traffic Accidents and Resulting Injuries by Examining How Information on Safety and Health is Shared in an Online Motorcycle Community, Center for the Study of Community Health

This multidisciplinary, multi-method project utilizes CDC’s eHealth marketing approach to examine protective, risk, safety, and health issues within a local online motorcycle community. This study will allow us to better understand

(1) The characteristics of those who are most likely to suffer motorcycle accidents in Jefferson County and Alabama;

(2) The types and extend of injuries and how risk, protective, safety, and health information are discussed among members;

(3) The key community members who are instrumental in discussing and disseminating safety and health information; and

(4) How to best disseminate safety and health information to motorcycle riders in Alabama.

These findings will enable the development of expertise within online communities to foster better health among community members, identify and enable community members to take leadership roles on health issues, and guide public health agencies on the development of safety and health information best suited for this target audience.

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