Measuring Non-Recurrent Congestion in Alabama Cities, University Transportation Center for Alabama

Some large U.S. cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle) have developed methodologies to quantify non-recurrent congestion on their roadway networks, but these methodologies are largely confined to freeway corridors and rely on extensive sensor networks already in place. In the small and medium sized cities common in the Southeast these sensor networks simply don’t exist and are too expensive to implement on a wide scale. This project will attempt to fill that void by developing methodologies that rely on low-cost data collection and analysis techniques to estimate non-recurrent congestion on key facilities. It will also identify facilities and locations that experience high rates of non-recurrent congestion so that targeted response measures such as pre-positioned tow–trucks and special events management can be considered. The scope of the work is limited to interstate and freeway facilities.

    measuring non-recurrent congestion