Fluorescense Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Core

Director: Joanne Murphy-Ullrich, PhD

Contact: Shawn Williams, 205-934-7403 tzaron@uab.edu; Rm 135C

The Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer core (FRET) is a cutting-edge state-of-the-art facility designed to provide High Resolution Microscopy for conducting FRET and other related Molecular Experiments. Trained personnel are on staff to provide consulting and training for investigators interested in using the core.


FRET instrumentation include a Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Microscope with the latest Zeiss FRET software for doing Acceptor Photobleaching, Spectral Imaging, and Sensitized Emission.   Also on the Zeiss is a Becker&Hickl Simple Tau High Performance Photon Counting system for conducting FRET experiments which require the use of a Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) detector.  Other Equipment include a Leica DMRB SP2 Confocal for performing Acceptor Photobleaching  to visualize FRET and a Nikon Eclipse Imaging System for Protein visualization and analysis.   The FRET Core is located in The High Resolution Imaging Facility (HRIF) in Shelby Rm130.

Services and Fees May 2010

Surcharge for Assistance in Instrumentation or Sample Preparation         $20.00/Hour

Basic Digital Imaging/Deconvolution/ Calcium Imaging -- Olympus IX70   $18.00/Hour

Basic Digital Imaging –Leitz Orthoplan, Nikon Diaphot                             $20.00/Hour

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy with UV Laser – Leica SP1                        $30.00/Hour

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Zeiss LSM 710                             $30.00/Hour

Digital Imaging/Timelapse/FRET/Histology Imaging – Nikon Eclipse         $23.00/Hour

FRET/FRAP Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy – Leica SP2               $30.00/Hour

2Large Specimen/Tissue Dissection Imaging Nikon Stereoscope             $23.00/Hour

Data Archival Service Fee (includes blank CD)                                        $3.00 each

High Resolution Printing: Inkjet                                                               $3.00 each

Transmission Electron Microscopy--- FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Assisted        $70.00/Hour

Transmission Electron Microscopy--- FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Unassisted     $35.00/Hour

Sample processing per sample/Bulk Discounts Available                    $70.00/Sample

Ultra-thin and semi-thin sectioning per sample with post stain                  $40.00/Hour

Negative Staining per Grid                                                                     $12.00/Grid

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20 Full Service Access                           $27.50/Hour

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20  Reduced Service Access                 $16.50/Hour

Cryo-EM Usage With Operator Assistance                                       $55.00/Hour

Cryo-EM Grid for Sample Preparation                                              $12.00/Grid  

Ultramicrotome Reoom Temp for Trained users Unassisted              $16/Hour

CryoUltramicrotome for Trained Users Unassisted                           $18/Hour

Staff Time in EM Lab                                                                         $45.00/Hour

Freeze Substitution System (AFS)                                                     $40/day

Micellaneous Charges for Electron Microscopy                                 $5/each