The Cell and Molecular Analysis of Biomaterials Core

Co-Directors: Susan Bellis, PhD, Yuanyuan Ma, M.D

Contact: Dr. Ma 969-9433; McCallum Bldg. 994

The Cell and Molecular Analysis of Biomaterials Core was established to meet the growing need for biological testing of innovative new materials being developed at UAB.  The Core is supported by a grant from the UAB Health Services Foundation, as well as funds from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, School of Dentistry, and the Biomatrix Engineering and Regeneration Medicine Center. Services offered by the Core are available to investigators from all UAB departments and schools.


A principal objective of the Core is to provide services for evaluating cell responses to biomaterials.  The Core performs standard in vitro assays of cell behaviors known to affect implant performance; for example, adhesion and survival of cells on biomaterial surfaces, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and gene expression. The Core maintains stocks of multiple cell types and performs live fluorescent/bioluminacent imaging  engineered GFP- or luciferase-tagged mesenchymal stem cells. Core personnel have established expertise in modifying cell biology protocols to accommodate a wide range of materials including metals, polymers and ceramics, of varying sizes and geometries.  The Core also offers consultation services and training opportunities for user laboratory personnel.