Experimental Biomechanics Core

Director: Alan W. Eberhardt, PhD

Contact: 205-934-8464, aeberhar@uab.edu; Hoehn 368A

The Mission of the Experimental Biomechanics Core (EBC) is to provide state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel to facilitate measurement of mechanical properties of biological and man-made materials, structures, and constructs. 


Equipment includes two MTS 858 MiniBionix (left) for high force testing (N–kN) of bones and implant constructs. Extensometers, strain gauges and an infrared camera may be used concurrently for displacement measurement of test specimens. A Bose Testbench (center) provides low force testing (gm–N) at small deformations (microns–mm) of tissues and tissue constructs. Non-contact strain measure-ment and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) are also available. An MTS G200 Nanoindenter  with a Berkovitch diamond indenter tip provides hardness and modulus at a micron scale, including continuous stiffness measurement and topographical mapping of output. An AMTI Orthopod Friction & Wear Tester (6-station pin-on-disk, right) allows variable forces and wear patterns for submerged articulating implant specimens in a heated bath, while friction coefficients are provided by triaxial load cells. Two impact test systems are available - Instron Drop Tower and a Via Systems pneumatic impactor – that provide impact forces, decel-erations and energy absorption during impact events.