Bioreactor Core

Co-directors: Timothy Wick, PhD and Joel Berry, PhD

Contact: Dr Wick 934-8422;  Shelby 807   

Dr. Berry 969-9661 ; Shelby 802

The Bioreactor Core Facility provides bioreactor and bioprocess design and development services, bioreactor devices and culture facilities to investigators from UAB, industry and other institutions to develop tissue engineered constructs, 3-D tissue mimetics and stem cell therapies for preclinical and clinical applications. This multi-user facility is dedicated to the development of bioreactors and bioreactor technologies to regulate growth and differentiation of stem cells, tissue spheroids, micromass cultures or cell seeded constructs for basic, preclinical and translational investigations for tissue engineering and stem cell therapies. Bioreactors provide the appropriate culture environment to grow three- dimensional tissues using biologically relevant scaffolds.

As investigators at UAB and other institutions transition from the bench top discovery phase to preclinical evaluation and ultimately to the first human trials, the infrastructure to support production of these tissues and cells must be available.