Recognizing that many students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering program are highly motivated to pursue a graduate degree (Master’s or Doctorate) after completion of the BSBME degree, we have developed a combined BS/MS (Plan I, with thesis) degree plan to accelerate completion of the BME Master’s degree.  Typically, students eligible for this program have significant research experience prior to their junior year. 

To be considered for the Fifth Year Master’s program in BME, a student typically must:

  1. Be enrolled in either the BME or the Science & Technology Honors program
  2. Have junior level standing (completed more than 60 hours of college coursework)
  3. Have completed at least 3 junior level required BME courses
  4. Have an overall UAB GPA greater than 3.50
  5. Have completed at least two semesters of undergraduate research
  6. Submit an application with a personal statement and three letters of recommendation, at least one of which comes from the undergraduate research advisor
  7. Have identified a thesis advisor and research topic for the MS research

Applications must be submitted to the UAB Graduate School on-line by January 15. Applications will be evaluated by the BME Graduate Program Committee. 

  1. The student is not required to submit GRE scores when applying to the Fifth Year Master’s program and will be admitted to the program on a conditional basis. The student is required to take the GRE and present acceptable scores by the last semester of the Bachelor's program. The conditional status will be lifted upon completion of bachelor's degree and provision of acceptable GRE scores. 
  2. Students in the Fifth Year Master’s program can take graduate courses while completing their undergraduate degree, with the permission of the course instructor.  Graduate coursework can be counted towards the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but not both.  Typically the graduate credits are used to satisfy the Master’s degree requirements.
  3. A 4XX course taken to satisfy an undergraduate degree requirement cannot be retaken as the 5XX version for the Master's degree.
  4. Each MS thesis committee must have at least one member who is a primary BME faculty member.
  5. Students in the Fifth Year Master's program are subject to the same coursework, seminar, publication, and research quality requirements as other BME Plan I MS students.
  6. A fifth year MS student is admitted to the BME PhD program the same way as other BME MS students (complete all MS requirements and with support of MS thesis committee).
  7. This timeline provides additional information about the timing of coursework, research, and required milestones.
  8. See the BME Graduate Program website for additional details.

 Policy and Procedures