Kim, Jong-Eun, Ph.D.


Research Associate Professor


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Other information

PhD; Aerospace Engineering; University of California, Davis; 2000
MS; Mechanical Engineering; Hanyang University, Korea; 1994
BS; Mechanical Engineering; Hanyang University, Korea; 1992


ME 686/786 : Design Optimization Techniques

Dr. Kim focuses on (1) Computational Injury Biomechanics to provide a more comprehensive understanding of injury mechanisms of human body exposed to high-speed impact environments such as motor vehicle crashes through numerical modeling and simulation, (2) Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) to develop efficient and robust algorithms for a loosely-coupled fluid-structure interaction framework, and (3) Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) to develop an integrated design system by integrating the computational simulation and grid generation capabilities with a simulation based statistical multidisciplinary design optimization module to provide an optimum design that shortens the development period for new designs and improves current designs.

Kim, J. E.
Influence of occupant restraint system on traumatic brain injuries, International Journal of Crashworthiness, 13(1), 25-39. (2008)

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Kim, J. E. Li, Z., Ito, Y., Huber, C. D., Shih, A. M., Eberhardt, A. W., Yang, K. H., King, A. I., Soni, B. K. , Finite element model development of a child pelvis with optimization-based material identification, Journal of Biomechanics, 42(13), 2191-2195, (2009)

Zhu, S., Kim, J. E. Ma, X., Shih, A. M., Laud, P. W., Pintar, F., Shen, W., Heymsfield, S. B., Allison, D. B. BMI and risk of serious upper body injury following motor vehicle crashes: Concordance of real-world and computer-simulated observations, PLoS Medicine, 7(3), e1000250, (2010).

“Obesity-related variables and motor vehicle injury”, Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Health through the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“Development of age-dependent pediatric computational models,” Investigator, Southern Consortium for Injury Biomechanics.

Center of expertise in pelvis model, Global Human Body Models Consortium, Investigator.

“Vehicle dynamics & occupant kinematics of bus rollover crash,” Co-PI, Center for Injury Science.

”C omposite materials testing, experiments and modeling of field injuries,” Co-PI, Industry Sponsor.

“Blast & impact resistant: Composite structures for navy ship,” Investigator, Naval Research Laboratory.

“Thermoplastic composites for army applications,” Investigator, Army Research Laboratory.

“Development of modules/components for fluid-structure interaction frame-work,” Investigator, DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program through Mississippi State University.

SERVICE (current)
Professional Service
Journal Reviewer: Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Aircraft (AIAA), International Journal of Crashworthiness, International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modeling and Testing.

Community Service
Developed and provided a CSM (Computational Structural Mechanics) training program for high-school students

Vice President of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association - Alabama Chapter