The Computational Simulation Laboratory (CSLab) team is a dynamic group of faculty members, research staff, and students with multi-disciplinary expertise. The CSLab team’s main objective is to develop high-fidelity, high-performance computing (HPC) numerical simulation tools in the fields of fluid dynamics and structure mechanics. Through a wide variety of innovative research projects and development activities, our team strives to develop the state-of-the-art, advanced computational simulation algorithms applicable to science and engineering problems. Areas of interest include aerodynamics, jet and rocket propulsion systems, combustion, flow instabilities, static and dynamic structural integrity, bio-medical fluid flows, bio-mechanics, pollutant and bio-chemical agent transport, moving and separating bodies, fluid-structure interaction, multidisciplinary design optimization, continuum and particulate flows, disparate length scale (macro-to-nano) problems, and manufacturing. The goal of the CSLab team is to have a large and lasting impact on both engineering and medical industries.