Virtual Immersive Technology Application Laboratory

The vision of the Virtual Immersive Technology Application Laboratory (VITAL) is to aid in:

  • the development of new medical education techniques;
  • rehabilitation of injured patients and military veterans; and
  • the understanding of innovative engineering applications in thermal sciences, aerospace engineering, healthcare, and disaster prevention.

Central to VITAL is the VisCube, a multi-screen immersive 3D display. The four-walled VisCube system is an affordable CAVE-like immersive virtual reality system. It features three large rear-projection walls and a front projected floor. The VisCube can be configured as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system, complete with a tracking system and graphics workstation. The VisCube makes use of the newest in bright digital projectors. The turn-key VR option adds the newest in PC graphics workstation hardware, a 6 DOF tracked input device (wand), and head tracking. The result is a system that outperforms much more expensive traditional VR hardware.

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