Vehicle and Robotics Engineering Laboratory

The Home of Mechatronics


Faculty Members and Consultants


Dr. Vladimir V. Vantsevich
Professor and VREL Director 
Phone: (205) 975-5855 

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Mr. Douglass Ross
Assistant Professor  

Dr. Gregory Hudas
Adjunct Professor 

Dr. George Mason
Guest Lecturer 

Dr. Lee Moradi
Associate Professor 
Phone: (205) 975-2718
Dennis Murphy    

Mr. Dennis Murphy

Dr. Mukul Verma
Adjunct Professor 
Way Thomas

Dr. Thomas Way
Adjunct Professor

Ph.D Students


Mostafa Salama
Ph.D Student
Project: Unmanned Ground Vehicle Dynamics and Energy Consumption Integrated Control
Phone: (205) 706-4787

Jeremy Gray
Ph.D Student 

M.Sc. Students


Blair Farley
M.Sc. Student 

Gabriel Judd
M.Sc. Student 

Undergraduate Students


Erin Pincombe 
Marcos Corção
Project: Three-Wheel Robot Trajectory Planning
Abraham Zuaiter
Project: Three-Wheel Robot Trajectory Planning

- Saytam Patel
Project: Modeling of  Schunk LWA3 Robot Using
ADAMS.VIEW Software Product

Frederico S. Ferreira
Project: Modeling and Simulation a Polar Robot using ADAMS Software Product

Presley Weston Libb


Undergraduate Students at Work

Project-Three Wheel Trajectory Training

UGV TEAM tuning the forward motion for
Boe-Bot robot

UGV team working on Boe-Bot Robot

Boe-Bot Robot

Gabe and James working on a
Tire Damping Enhancement Project

3-Wheeler Robot Project