Vehicle and Robotics Engineering Laboratory

The Home of Mechatronics


Faculty Members and Consultants


Dr. Vladimir V. Vantsevich
Professor and VREL Director 
Phone: (205) 975-5855 

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Dr. Gregory Hudas
Adjunct Professor 

Dr. George Mason
Guest Lecturer 

Dr. Lee Moradi
Associate Professor 
Phone: (205) 975-2718
Dennis Murphy    

Mr. Dennis Murphy

Dr. Mukul Verma
Adjunct Professor 
Way Thomas

Dr. Thomas Way
Adjunct Professor

Ph.D Students


Mostafa Salama
Ph.D Student
Project: Unmanned Ground Vehicle Dynamics and Energy Consumption Integrated Control
Phone: (205) 706-4787

Jeremy Gray
Ph.D Student 

M.Sc. Students

Jesse Paldan
M.Sc. Student 

Gabriel Judd
M.Sc. Student 

Undergraduate Students

chris graves

Chris Graves

evaristo Evaristo M. Neto
erin pincombe Erin Pincombe
Marcos Corção
Project: Three-Wheel Robot Trajectory Planning
Abraham Zuaiter
Project: Three-Wheel Robot Trajectory Planning

- Saytam Patel
Project: Modeling of  Schunk LWA3 Robot Using
ADAMS.VIEW Software Product

Frederico S. Ferreira
Project: Modeling and Simulation a Polar Robot using ADAMS Software Product

Presley Weston Libb


Undergraduate Students at Work

Project-Three Wheel Trajectory Training

UGV TEAM tuning the forward motion for
Boe-Bot robot

UGV team working on Boe-Bot Robot

Boe-Bot Robot

Gabe and James working on a
Tire Damping Enhancement Project

3-Wheeler Robot Project