Thomas, Vinoy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Polymers and Healthcare
Business Engineering Complex
BEC 358F
1150 10th Avenue South
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Miscellaneous Information

Academic Background

Ph.D., Biomaterials Science, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, India

M. Phil., Chemistry (Polymers Specialization), University of Kerala, India

M.S., Analytical Chemistry, University of Kerala, India

B.S., Chemistry, Chemistry, University of Kerala, India


MSE 430/530 Polymer Materials
MSE 408/508 Nanomaterials
MSE 631/731 Polymer Morphology & Processing
MSE 790 Thermal & Spectroscopic Analyses


Polymers Research Web Site
Polymers & Healthcare Materials/Devices research program in multidisciplinary fields of Polymeric Biomaterials, Nanomaterials and Environmental Sciences and focuses on the processing-structure-property relationships of polymeric biomaterials, multiphase polymer systems including nanocomposites and blends, and biopolymers. Individuals in our group have backgrounds as diverse as materials science, chemistry, chemical and biomedical engineering. Current project are  on the development of nano-biomaterials and bio-fabrication processing-such as hybrid-fiber spinning and 3D-printing/bio-plotting, Synthesis , development & characterizations of polymers, nanocomposites and nano-scaffolds for tissue engineering (cardiac/vascular, dental/periodontal, spine/neural  tissues) and interface tissue engineering (TE), nanodiamonds for orthopedic & dental joints,  nanoparticles/gels for drug delivery & imaging (theranostics), green/materials chemistry  & environmental  science.

My labs are equipped with the state-of-the-art polymer/biomaterials characterization instruments (DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA, FTIR, AFM, and Rheometer, Contact angle Goniometer, Nanoindenter G200 and RSA-G2 (for Tensile, Compression, bending & Shear mechanical properties at ambient, high temperature and physiological conditions) for fee-for-service.

Recent Publications (2012-2015):

1.    Patel H, Thai K, Chowdhury S, Singh R, Vohra YK  & Thomas V. In vitro degradation and cell attachment studies of a new electrospun polymeric tubular graft. Progress in Biomaterials  4: 67-76, 2015.
2.    Rowe MJ, Kamocki K, Pankajakshan D, Li D, Bruzzaniti A, Thomas V, & Bottino MC.  Dimensionally stable and bioactive membrane for guided bone regeneration: An in vitro study. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 2015 DOI: 10.1002/jbm.b.33430
3.    Thomas V, Nozik D, Patel H, Singh R & Vohra YK.  Biohybrid fibro-porous Vascular Scaffolds: Effect of Crosslinking on Properties. In Multifunctional Polymeric Hybrid Materials, Mater Res Soc Symp Proc.  1718; 2015
4.    Bottino MC & Thomas V. Membranes for Periodontal Regeneration – A Materials Perspective. In:  Frontiers of Oral Biology -Biomaterial, Editor(s): Sharpe PT. (London), Karger Pub. 2015.
5.    Patel H, Garcia R, Schindler C, Dean D, Pogwizd SM, Singh RK, Vohra YK & Thomas V. Fibro‐porous Poliglecaprone/Polycaprolactone conduits: Synergistic effect of composition and in vitro degradation on mechanical properties.  Polymer International, DOI: 10.1002/pi.4834. 2014
6.    Singh S, Thomas V, Martyshkin D, Kozlovskaya V, Kharlampieva E & Catledge SA. Spatially controlled fabrication of a bright fluorescent nanodiamond-array with enhanced far-red Si-V luminescence. Nanotechnology 25 (4), 045302. 2014
7.    Terry AB, Salaam AD, Nyairo E, Thomas V, Dean DR. PLGA Nanoparticles for the Sustained Release of Rifampicin. Journal of Nanogenomics and Nanomedicine 2(1) doi:10.9777/ngnm.2014.10002 2014
8.    Patel H, Garcia R & Thomas V. Biohybird 3D Tubular Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Regeneration- A Materials Perspective. In:  Biomaterials Applications- Micro to Nanoscale.  Thomas S and Yang W (eds) CRC Press- Apple Academic Pub  2014.
9.    Jency PJ, Thomas V, Jayabalan M.  Synthesis and Evaluation of Carboxy‐Terminated Poly (trimethylene propane trifumarate)–Poly (ethylene glycol) as a Biodegradable Mucoadhesive Resin. Advances in Polymer Technology 32 (3) (2013)
10.    Schindler C, Williams BL, Patel HN, Thomas V & Dean DR. Electrospun polycaprolactone/polyglyconate blends: Miscibility, mechanical behavior, and degradation.  Polymer  54 (25), 6824-6833. (2013)
11.    Ramalingam M, Thomas V , Young M. F, Sun L, Chow L. C, Tison C.K, Chatterjee K, Miles W. C and Simon, CG Jr.  Nanofiber Scaffold Gradients for Intefacial Tissue Engineering.  Journal of Biomater Applications 27 (6), 695-705. (2013)
12.    Scarber RE, Salaam AD, Thomas V, Janowski GM & Dean D. Direct SolGel Electrospinning of Fibrous Bioglass Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering.  Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 3 (4), 440-447 (2013).
13.    Kezar S, Reed H, Aida V, Thomas V, Vohra Y, Floyd C. Development of an objective assessment system of dorsal root ganglion outgrowth.  Journal of Neurotrauma  30 (15), A61-A61 (2013)
14.    Bhat BN, Ellis DL, Smelyanskiy V, Foygel M, Rape A, Singh J, Vohra YK, Thomas V & Deyu Li. Copper-Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes and Copper-Diamond Composites for Advanced Rocket Engines.   NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) Providing Access to NASA's Technology, Research, and Science  2013
15.    Catledge SA, Thomas V & Vohra YK. Nanostructured Diamond for Orthopaedic Implants.  In: Diamond based materials for biomedical applications. Narayan R (ed). Woodhead Publishing Ltd. 2013
16.    Thomas V, Halloran BA, Ambalavanan N, Catledge SA & Vohra YK. In vitro studies on the effect of particle size on macrophage responses to nanodiamond wear debris.   Acta Biomaterialia 8 (5):1939-47 (2012) (This paper has been highlighted in UAB reporter, many popular Science Websites and Birmingham News on March 15th, 2012).
This work was broadcasted by American Institute of Physics- Inside Science TV and highlighted in Materials 360 Online website by MRS, USA.
17.    Deshpande HD, Dean D, Thomas V, Clem W, Jose M, Nyairo E, Mishra M. Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Polycaprolactone Fibrous Meshes by Electrostatic Co-spinning.   Current Nanoscience  2012; 8(5): 753-761,
18.    Bottino MC, Thomas V, Schmidt G, Vohra YK, Chu TMG, Kowolik MJ & Janowski GM. Recent advances in the development of GTR/GBR membranes for periodontal regeneration – a materials perspective. Dental Materials.  28:703-72 2012
This paper has been listed as one of the most downloaded publications in the journal.
19.    Bhatt R, Thomas V, Dean D, Nyairo E & Mishra M. Role of PPARs as Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Molecules. International J of Advanced Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, (2012), 1(1), 11-18.
20.    Thomas V & Vohra YK. Functionally Graded and Cell-integrated Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Engineering. In: Integrated Biomaterials For Medical Applications,  Sharma A  and Ramalingam M (eds). Wiley-Scrivener, 2012.
21.    Thomas V, Mathew B, Dean DR &  Nyairo E, Biodegradable Polymeric Nano-biomaterials for Cancer Therapeutic applications.   In: Signalling, Gene Regulation and Cancer. Singh SR and Mishra MK (eds). NOVA Publishers, 2012.
22.    Bottino MC, Vohra YK and Thomas V, Spatially Designed Nano fibrous Membranes for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration in: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Ramalingam M, Best J, Ramakrishna S (eds). CRC press. 2012.

Research Funding (2013-2015):

  • National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Deep South Center of NIOSH
  • UAB Faculty Development Grant Program
  • United States Soybean Board (USB)

Professional Service

  • National Science Foundation -NSF GRFP Panel
  • Grant Review Panel of Austrian Science Fund (FWF) for Erwin Schrodinger- Fellowships
  • Associate Editor of Journal of Healthcare Materials
  • Editorial Board Member of Current Nanoscience
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
  • Editorial Board Member of Current Tissue Engineering
  • Member of Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Member of Society For Biomaterials (SFB)
  • Life-Member of Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs-India
  • Life-Member of Society for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine -India
  • Organizing Committee Member of NanoBio Summit – Alabama at UAB in 2015
  • International Organizing Committee Member of ICNP -2015
  • International Organizing Committee Member of Biopolymers - 2016
  • Reviewer for more than a dozen journals in the field of Polymers, Biomaterials & Tissue engineering, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ACS, Elsevier, Wiley, IOP, ASP, RSC etc.)

Community Service

  • Volunteer of American Red Cross