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Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Shelby Biomedical Reseach Bldg
SHEL 807
1825 University Blvd

Birmingham, AL
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Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Rice University

M.S., B.S., Chemical Engineering; University of Colorado, Boulder


BME 350 – Biological Transport Phenomena BME 601, 701 – BME Seminar


Our research in tissue engineering focuses on development bioreactor and bioprocessing technologies to sequentially produce and then cryopreserve viable tissue engineered constructs for repair or replacement of diseased and damaged tissue and organs. We have developed and validated bioreactors that provide spatially correct delivery of mechanical loading and nutrient transport to grow cartilage and blood vessels under well-defined controllable conditions. Our bioreactors are scalable and could be the central processing unit in a bioprocess to produce tissue engineered cartilage, blood vessels and other tissues. We have recently developed a novel perfusion and shear stress bioreactor to promote nutrient transport and cryoprotectant loading within growing constructs. We believe that tissue perfusion will enhance tissue growth and loading of tissues with cryoprotectant agents to increase cell viability of preserved tissue upon rewarming.

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (2008-2010) Farooque, T.M., Chen, Z.Z., Schwartz, Z, Wick, T.M., Boyan, B.D., Brockbank, K.G.M., Protocol Development for Vitrification of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage. Bioprocessing Journal 8(4): 28-35 (2009).

Moyer, H., Y. Wang, T. Farooque, T.M. Wick, K Signh, L. Xie, R. Guldberg, J. Williams, B.D. Boyan and Z. Schwartz, “A New Animal Model for Assessing Cartilage Repair in a Non-articular Cartilage Site”, Tissue Engineering Part A (in Press), (2010).

Farooque, T. and T.M. Wick,, “Bioreactor Development for Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Computational Modeling and Experimental Results”, In: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, P. Schwarz and P. Witt, eds. CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia, 2010 (in Press). RESEARCH FUNDING (2008-2010) Nanotechnology in Biosensors and Bioengineering (NIH T-32 Training Grant) Co-I (PI: Vohra); 2007-2010 Sequential Production and Preservation of Cartilage in a Bioreactor (NIH R01) Co-I (PI: Vohra); Pending Enhancing the Interdisciplinary Infrastructure for BioMatrix Tissue Engineering (NIH RC4) Co-PI (Co-PI: Murhpy-Ullrich); Pending SERVICE (current) BME Graduate Program Director

BME Faculty Search Committee (Chair)

BioMatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Center (Co-Director)

Research Capacity Building Committee

UAB Mentoring Panel

ECE Chair Search Committee (Chair)

Chair, School of Engineering Faculty Affairs Committee (Chair)

School of Engineering Faculty Grievance Committee

Bone Pathobiology Search Committee

Orthopedic Research Committee

Steering Committee, UAB Center for Metabolic Bone Disease

Steering Committee, Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Autoimmunity Center

UAB MSTP Advisory Committee

UAB Faculty Senator Member

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (Fellow)

Biomedical Engineering Society

Tissue Engineering Society International Professional Service Awards Committee, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Manuscript Reviewer (Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, Tissue Engineering, Annals of Biomedical Engineering)

Proposal Reviewer, Australian Research Council