Wick, Timothy M.,  Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Hoehn Engineering Building
1075 13th Street South Birmingham, AL 35294-4440
Birmingham, AL 35294
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(205) 934-8400
(205) 975-8437

Miscellaneous Information


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Rice University

M.S., B.S., Chemical Engineering; University of Colorado, Boulder


EGR 481 - Project Lab
HC 111 - Honors Seminar in Engineering
BME 350 - Biological Transport Phenomena
BME 408/508 - Advanced Biological Transport Phenomena



I have more than 25 years of experience developing, evaluating and validating biomedical engineering systems and devices to solve health-related problems and improve healthcare technology to benefit society. My research is focused on development of technologies to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes – including tissue engineering for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular applications, transdermal drug delivery devices and evaluation of tissue regeneration and antimicrobial properties of novel dental implant biomaterials.

In summer 2015, I started Project Lab with colleagues from the School of Engineering and the Department of Art and Art History in summer 2015 as an interdisciplinary studio to provide students interested in product development and innovation an environment to develop collaboration and critical thinking skills necessary to solve important societal problems. Project Lab provides students with hands on training and practice necessary to solve real world problems in a structured environment. In Project Lab, multidisciplinary teams of students collaborate with a client to engineer a functional device that meets specifications of the end user. The project team is expected to establish the appropriate engineering design and validation criteria, fabricate prototypes and ultimately the final device design along with user information manuals and engineering design files as appropriate for the project. Students are trained in product development and design, engineering validation and production of instructive documentation. Current Project Lab clients include Children’s Hospital of Birmingham, UAB Hospital, the UAB healthcare network, the Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety and The Lakeshore Foundation.


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