Dean, Derrick R., Ph.D.



Associate Professor

Business Engineering Complex
BEC 360D
1150 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-4461

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Other information

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois, 1994

MS, Chemistry, Tuskegee University, 1989

BS, Chemistry, Tuskegee University, 1987


MSE 281 – Physical Materials I

MSE 408:508 – Nanomaterials

MSE 430:530 – Polymeric Materials

MSE 631:731 – Polymer Morphology RESEARCH Our research program focuses on the processing structure property relationships of polymers and multiphase polymer systems including nanocomposites, blends and fiber-reinforced composites. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (2008-2010) Abdalla, Mohamed, Dean, Derrick; Robinson, Pamela; Nyairo, Elijah, “Cure behavior of epoxy/MWCNT nanocomposites: the effect of nanotube surface modification”, Polymer, v 49, n 15, p 3310-3317, July 7, 2008.

Green K J, Dean D, Vaidya U K and Nyairo E, “Multiscale Fiber Reinforced Composites Based on a Carbon/Epoxy Nanophased Polymer Matrix: Synthesis, Mechanical and Thermomechanical Behavior,” Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 40, 9 (2009) p. 1470-1475.

Jose M V, Thomas V, Dean D and Nyairo E. “Fabrication and Characterization of Aligned Nanofibrous PLGA/Collagen Blends as Bone Tissue Scaffolds” Polymer 50, 15 (2009) p. 3778-3785.

Chevali, Venkata S. Dean, Derrick; Janowski, Gregg M., “Flexural creep behavior of discontinuous thermoplastic composites: Non-linear viscoelastic modeling and time-temperature-stress superposition,” Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, v 40, n 6-7, p 870-877, July 2009.

Steinert, Brian W.; and Dean, Derrick;. “Magnetic field alignment and electrical properties of solution cast PET-carbon nanotube composite films, Polymer, V 50, n 3, p 898-904, January 28, 2009

Tambralli, Ajay , Blakeney, Bryan; Anderson, Joel; Kushwaha, Meenakshi; Andukuri, Adinarayana; Dean, Derrick; Jun, Ho-Wook, “A hybrid biomimetic scaffold composed of electrospun polycaprolactone nanofibers and self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanofibers,” Biofabrication, v1, n 2, 2009.

Wang, Shiren, Tambraparni, Madhava; Qiu, Jingjing; Tipton, John; Dean, Derrick; “Thermal expansion of graphene composites,”, Macromolecules, v 42, n 14, p 5251-5255, July 28, 2009.

Bottino, Marco C. Jose, Moncy V.; Thomas, Vinoy; Dean, Derrick RDean, Derrick; Janowski, Gregg M. ”Freeze-dried acellular dermal matrix graft: Effects of rehydration on physical, chemical, and mechanical properties,” Dental Materials, v 25, n 9, p 1109-1115, September 2009. RESEARCH FUNDING (2008-2010) Bioactive Nanofibrous Polymers; NSF/CMMI; PI; 8/07-7/10

Development of Nanobiomaterials for Drug Delivery NSF/HRD; PI; 8/07-7/10

Materials Application Research Center, ARL; Co-PI; 3/10-12/10 SERVICE (Current)
NSF/CARCAM National Visiting Committee(member)

Referee for: Polymer Journal , J. of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, J. Composites, part. A., Acta Biomateriala, J. of Applied Polymer Science

Review Panel Division of Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Innovation
Community Pr, Maggie Street Community Development Center Board

Martin Luther King Scholarship Steering Committee, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Associate Minister, Maggie Street Baptist Church