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Birmingham, AL
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Miscellaneous Information


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University

B.S., Materials Engineering, Iowa State University.


MSE 281 - Physical Materials I

MSE 381 - Physical Materials II


Metal solidification and microstructure formation

Quantitative analysis of complex three-dimensional structures

Ternary eutectic microstructures


G. Kasperovich, A. Genau, L. Ratke, Mushy zone coarsening in an AlCu30 Alloy accelerated by a rotating magnetic field – an experimental study, Met Trans A. (2010) doi: 10.1007/s11661-010-0542-6.

L. Ratke, A. Genau, Evolution of specific surface area with fraction solid during solidification,Acta Mat 58 (2010) 4207-4211.

L. Ratke, A. Genau,, S. Steinbach, Flow effects on the dendritic microstructure of AlSi-base alloys, Trans Indian Institute Metals 62 (2009) 337-341.

G. Kasperovich, A. Genau,, L. Ratke, Coarsening of the mushy zone in an AlCu30 alloy accelerated by a rotating magnetic field, in: Proceedings of 6th Int. Conf. on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials, Dresden (2009) 296-299.

A. L. Genau, and P.W. Voorhees, Spatial correlations in symmetric and asymmetric spinodally decomposed structures, Acta Mat 57 (2009) 6226-6233.

A. L. Genau, P.W. Voorhees, and K. Thornton, The morphology of topologically complex interfaces, Scripta Mat 60 (2009) 301-304.