Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Alabama, 1974

BEC 265D
1150 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294
Telephone: 205 934-8441
Fax: 205 975-3337

Research Interests

Dietary Assessment—Using image processing to calculate portion size of servings of food.
Frequency Response of Line Traps—Measuring frequency response of parallel L-C circuits in energized high voltage transmission lines.

Professional Activities

IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments Committee Member (2010)
IEEE-USA Licensure and Registration Committee Member (1997-Present)
IEEE Region 3 Secretary (2010)


EE 312-Electrical Systems
EE 423:523-Digital Signal Processing
EE 432:532-Introduction to Computer Networking
EE 497-Team Design Project
EE 498-Team Design Project I
EE 499-Team Design Project II
EE 626:726-Digital Image Processing