University Professor of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD, Physics, P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1983


Research Interests

The promise of laser research is exciting not only from the many applications, but because the physics of their function is an expression of both nature and human ingenuity. Being able, at will, to produce whatever wavelength and power from a single laser represents the ideal goal. Recognizing practical limits our laboratory is dedicated toward achieving as wide range of "color" in lasing as possible from materials such as alkali-halides and impurity-doped alkali-earth fluoride crystals prepared by exposure to ionizing radiation as well as transitional metal doped wide band II-VI semiconductor materials. Long term research is directed towards the development and investigation of novel vibronic crystalline laser media as well as novel schemes for tunable lasers. Laser based systems are being developed for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy of optical materials, data telecommunication, for analysis of protein crystals being grown on the International Space Station, rocks on Mars, and traces of metals that are toxic components of environment. Biotechnical medical applications are pursued in conjunction with the UAB nationally renowned medical center. The Nation Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense, NASA and industrial partners support these research programs.

Recent Publications

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