Assistant Professor of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD, Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2002

Website: Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Quantum Materials Lab

Research Interests

Our interests include insulator-to-metal transitions in vanadium dioxide, superconductivity, terahertz spectroscopy of interstellar ices, Quantum Hall systems, and wide band gap semiconductors. We utilize a number of electrical, time-integrated optical, and ultrafast optical spectroscopic techniques to study the ground state and optically perturbed materials.

Recent Publications

M. Krauß, D. J. Hilton, and H. C. Schneider, Ultrafast Hole-Spin Dynamics in Optically Excited Bulk GaAs, submitted for publication in Physical Review B (2011) (arxiv: 1012.4115)
T. Arikawa, X. Wang, D. J. Hilton, J. L. Reno, W. Pan, J. Kono, Terahertz Coherent Control of a Landau-Quantized Two-Dimensional Electron Gas, Physical Review B, 84, 241307 (2011), (arxiv:1109.6062)
X. Wang, D. J. Hilton, J. L. Reno, D. M. Mittleman, and J. Kono, “Direct Measurement of Cyclotron Coherence Times of High-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Gases”, Optics Express, 18, 12354 (2010). (arXiv:1003.2795).
Lei Ren, Cary L. Pint, Layla G. Booshehri, William D. Rice, Xiangfeng Wang, David J. Hilton, Kei Takeya, Iwao Kawayama, Masayoshi Tonouchi, Robert H. Hauge and Junichiro Kono, “Carbon Nanotube Terahertz Polarizer”, Nano Letters, 9, 2610 (2009), (arXiv:0903.2583).
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