Professor of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Interests

The research in our lab involves studies of materials used in microelectronic, optical, and magnetic applications. In the area of electronics, present and ongoing materials of interest are SiC and GaN. They are studied in order to deduce their potential in high speed and/or high power electronic applications. Specifically, point defects in SiC wafers are examined using electron paramagnetic resonance spectrosocopy (EPR) so that we may understand their role in achieving semi-insulating material. GaN, the semiconductor which will form the basis of future lighting applications, contains several point defects critical to its application in both light emitting diodes and high power devices. We address the chemical kinetics of these defects to assess the response of the material to varying environments.

Recent Journal Publications

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Recent Conference Publications

M. E. Zvanut, G. Ngetich, H. J. Chung, A. Y. Polyakov, M. Skowronski, E. Glaser, and N. Garces, “Defect level of the carbon vacancy carbon antisite pair center in SI 4H SiC”, Mat. Sci. Forum 600-603, 385 (2009).
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