Facilities and Equipment


There are six classrooms located in the Engineering Building (BEC). The capacities range from twenty to ninety students. Classroom assignments are administered by the Dean of Engineering based upon annual course schedules submitted by the Engineering Department Chairs and anticipated class sizes. Additional classroom may be provided outside the Engineering Building should space not be available in the building. Each classroom in the Engineering Building is equipped with an Internet connection, an overhead projector, and a projection screen. The School also has a computer "rolling cart" equipped with state-of-the-art computer projection system that can be reserved for use.


The CE Department has six laboratories that are used for undergraduate education and research. A detailed discussion of the equipment in each of the laboratories is given below. Laboratories are constantly serviced and maintained to ensure excellent teaching environment. A five-year Laboratory Plan is in place to ensure that the laboratories are always upgraded.

Laboratory Name Room Number Space (Sq. Ft.) Course Utilization
Structural Mechanics BEC 168 3150 CE 221, CE 222
Environmental BEC 160 956 CE 334
Geotechnical BEC 161 919 CE 332L
Hydraulics BEC 166 1133 CE 333, CE 437, CE 484
Surveying BEC 168A 155 CE230L
Transportation Hoehn 211 505 CE345

Structural Mechanics Lab
The Structural Mechanics Laboratory contains 2995 square feet of floor space dedicated to testing and instruction, and also houses a 155 square foot instrument room. All major testing machines are professionally calibrated bi-annually, with the last two calibrations reporting all equipment within 1% of indicated value throughout all ranges.

Environmental Lab
The Environmental Laboratory occupies 956 square feet in the main room with an additional 98 square foot instrument room. Laboratory capabilities are divided into conventional wet chemistry, instrument chemistry, and microbiological testing. An extensive array of field and laboratory equipment is available to supplement instruction.

Geotechnical Lab
The Geotechnical Laboratory has 919 square feet of floor space and an additional 98 square foot instrument room. The laboratory is equipped to facilitate the performance of routine soil classification tests, consolidation tests, and triaxial shear tests with pore pressure measurement.

Hydraulics Lab
The Hydraulics laboratory has 1133 square feet of floor space and a 168 square foot instrument room. The laboratory has floor to ceiling high capacity pallet shelving along one wall to accommodate the extensive field and sampling equipment used in a number of course offerings.

Surveying Lab
The Surveying "laboratory" is a 155 square foot facility with shelves and racks that have been installed to hold the instruments and field equipment used in conjunction with the laboratory portion of the plane surveying course.

Transportation Lab
The Transportation Laboratory is located in the Hoehn building and is equiped with traffic data collection equipment and transportation engineering software to be used for instruction and research purposes.

Computing Facilities
The School of Engineering provides a consolidated group of high performance PC's for undergraduate use. UAB engineering students involved in graduate research also have free access to the Alabama Supercomputer Network and the software resident on the Cray supercomputers. Students have access to the computer laboratories except when BEC is closed and during system maintenance periods. Dial-up access is provided for students to access files and e-mail.