Environmental Lab

The Environmental Laboratory occupies 956 square feet in the main room with an additional 98 square foot instrument room. Laboratory capabilities are divided into conventional wet chemistry, instrument chemistry, and microbiological testing. An extensive array of field and laboratory equipment is available to supplement instruction. The following is a list of the major equipment available:


Portable Water Quality Instruments:

  • YSI DO meters (2), models 51b and 57
  • YSI SCT meter, model 33
  • Millipore field bacteria incubator
  • Many portable test kits with field spectrophotometers, colorimeters, color comparators, and digital titrators.

Major Laboratory Water Quality Analysis Equipment

  • IDEXX bacteriological assay system, with Quanti-tray (E. coli and Enterococci)
  • Bran + Luebbe TRAACS 2000 Continuous-Flow Analyzer (2-channel, with XYZ autosampler and syringe diluter)
  • Dionex DX-100 Ion Chromatograph with automated sampler for major ions Microtox Toxicity Analyzer, model 2055, a short-term luminescent bacterial test for toxicity reduction evaluation and treatability testsAzur Deltatox PS1, field version of the above Microtox unit
  • Coulter Multisizer IIe for particle size analyses
  • Turner field and fluorometer, model 10AU, with hydrocarbon and Rhodamine optics
  • Olympus research microscopes with computerized particle morphological analyses
  • Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II gas chromatograph with 5971A mass spectrophotometer detector, G1223A electron capture detector, pressure programmable inlets, and 7673 auto- sampler
  • Thermo Jarrell Ash Atom Spec GF Workstation graphite furnace atomic adsorption spectrophotometer with autosampler

The laboratory also contains miscellaneous equipment such as PC computers for data management and instrument interfacing, pH meters, pectrophotometers, conductivity meters, walk-in sample storage cooler, Precision low temperature incubator, centrifuge, HACH COD digesters (2), HACH BOD Trak, Phipps and Bird paddle stirrers, 6-place (2), Imhoff cones (10), Precision convection drying oven, Blue M incubator, Mettler top-loading balances (3), Mettler analytical balances (2), full-size settling columns (4), multi-media treatability test chambers (10), Thermodyne muffle furnace, HACH turbidimeters (2), models 2100A and 2100AN, and Barnstead ROpure and Nanopure water purification system.