Geotechnical Lab

The Geotechnical Laboratory has 919 square feet of floor space and an additional 98 square foot instrument room. The laboratory is equipped to facilitate the performance of routine soil classification tests, consolidation tests, and triaxial shear tests with pore pressure measurement.

For routine classification tests, the laboratory has two mechanical sieve shakers and enough recently replaced sieves to permit four groups of students to run particle size and Atterberg limits tests simultaneously. Consolidation tests are performed on four pneumatic consolidometers with precise constant pressure control and electronic dial gauges for measuring displacements during testing.

Two triaxial chambers, control panel boards, 50,000 lb. loading frames, and a flexible wall permeameter are available for permeability and triaxial testing. A Torvane shear device, Pneumatic tamper, temperature controlled circulating water bath and a sample splitter are recent additions to the laboratory equipment.