Surveying Lab

The surveying "laboratory" is a 155 square foot facility with shelves and racks that have been installed to hold the instruments and field equipment used in conjunction with the laboratory portion of the plane surveying course.

Equipment holdings in the laboratory include: 5 Leica Electronic Theodolites, 2 Leica Total Stations, 5 K&E one minute transits, 2 K&E Dumpy levels, 5 Nikon automatic levels, one Wild T-16 Theodolite, and assorted tripods, Philadelphia rods, ranging poles, tapes, chaining pins, hand levels, plumb bobs, and other miscellaneous field equipment. The equipment is adequate to permit the fielding of five fully equipped field parties in a laboratory section. Laboratory experiments are conducted in the field on campus properties near the Engineering Building, and the initial taping exercise is conducted on a calibration base line established by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Alabama Department of Transportation northeast of the city of Birmingham.