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Miscellaneous Information

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND PhD, Bioengineering; U. C., San Diego; 1993 MS, Bioengineering; U. C., San Diego; 1990 BS, Bioengineering; U. C., San Diego; 1986 TEACHING BME 312-Biocomputing EGR 150-Computer Methods in Engineering RESEARCH Our laboratory develops new instruments and methods for recording the electrical and mechanical activity of the heart and applies them to study normal and pathological cardiac function. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (2008-2010) Rogers JM, Walcott GP, Gladden JD, Melnick SB, Ideker RE, Kay MW. Epicardial wavefronts arise from widely distributed transient sources during ventricular fibrillation in the isolated swine heart. New Journal of Physics. 2008;10:015004.

Dosdall DJ, Tabereaux PB, Kim JJ, Walcott GP, Rogers JM, Killingsworth CR, Huang J, Smith WM, Ideker RE. Chemical ablation of the subendocardium and Purkinje system causes early termination and activation rate slowing of long duration ventricular fibrillation in dogs. American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 2008;295:H883-889.

Ideker RE, Rogers JM, Pollard AE. Progress in modeling cardiac electrical activity: A long way from spherical cows. Heart Rhythm. 2008;5:1045-1046.

Nielsen TD, Huang J, Rogers JM, Killingsworth CR, Ideker RE. Epicardial mapping of ventricular fibrillation over the posterior descending artery and left posterior papillary muscle of the swine heart. Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology. 2009;24:11-17.

Bourgeois EB, Fast VG, Collins RL, Gladden JD, Rogers JM. Change in conduction velocity due to fiber curvature in cultured neonatal rat ventricular myocytes. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 2009;56:855-861.

Umapathy K, Masse S, Sevaptsidis E, Asta J, Ross H, Thavandiran N, Nair K, Farid T, Cusimano R, Rogers JRogers J, Krishnan S, Nanthakumar K. Regional frequency variation during human ventricular fibrillation. Medical Engineering and Physics. 2009;31:964-970.

Ideker RE, Rogers JM, Fast VG, Li L, Kay GN, Pogwizd SM. Can mapping differentiate microreentry from a focus in the ventricle? Heart Rhythm. 2009;6:1666-1669.

Umapathy K, Nair K, Masse S, Krishnan S, Rogers J, Nash MP, Nanthakumar K. Phase Mapping of Cardiac Fibrillation. Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. 2010;3:105-114.
RESEARCH FUNDING (2008-2010) "Mechanisms of VF Maintenance." Principal Investigator. NIH, 9/03-8/08.

“Needle Electrode Fabrication for Intramural Recording.” Principal Investigator. Novartis, 1/05-12/12 (consulting)

"Computer Assisted Mapping of Ventricular Fibrillation." Investigator, NIH, 1/06-11/09.

"Simultaneous Mapping of Cardiac Wave Propagation and Deformation." Principal Investigator, NSF, 8/08-7/11.

"Wavebreak at the Onset of Ventricular Fibrillation." Principal Investigator, NIH, 9/09-8/10.

“Development of a Software Program that uses the Wiimote for monitoring of CPR Training.” Investigator. American Heart Association. 6/2008-5/2011. SERVICE (current)
Professional Service Manuscript reviewer for journals in Biomedical Engineering, Physics, and Physiology

Grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation

Session organizer/chair for the Biomedical Engineering Society Community Service K-12 classroom lecturer on Cardiac Anatomy, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Programming

Certified sailing instructor