Alexandria University had its beginning in 1938.  The first programs established were in the Arts and Law.  In 1941, engineering programs were established.   To serve the need for more disciplines in the City of Alexandria, Alexandria University expanded and in 1942 added programs in Science, Commerce, Medicine and Agriculture. In 1952, it officially became "Alexandria University". Since then, the University has witnessed an explosive growth and expansion in many fields.  The website, , provides additional information on Alexandria University, and the website, provides more information on the amazing City of Alexandria, located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. 

The UAB School of Engineering and Alexandria University have developed doctoral programs in Biomedical Engineering and Civil Engineering.   Egyptian students who are approved for admission to these programs by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, Alexandria University, and by the UAB School of Engineering will be funded for up to three years by the Ministry of Higher Education.  A description of these programs is provided: 



      Alexandria, Egypt- a beautiful city by the Mediterranean.


                                               Alexandria University Administration Building