Egyptian Housing Building Research Center (HBRC)


The Housing Building Research Center (HBRC), located in Cairo, Egypt is responsible for developing and disseminating knowledge, technology, building codes, and technical specifications related to construction in Egypt.  The engineers working at the HBRC are highly trained PhDs in all areas related to building and construction.  A primary focus of recent work being conducted at the HBRC is in sustainable design, non-conventional materials, and green building.   More information on the programs and initiatives at the HBRC can be found at

The collaboration between the faculty in the UAB Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and the faculty and researchers at the HBRC has resulted in an on-line masters program in civil engineering with an emphasis in environmentally sustainable engineering.  Courses will be delivered by UAB faculty via video conferencing to students in Egypt.  Doctoral-degreed engineers at the HBRC will have adjunct faculty positions in the UAB Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and will offer courses via video conferencing to Egyptian students and to UAB students.  Students from Egypt, the Middle East, as well as U.S. students completing the courses will be awarded a MSCE from UAB.  A more complete description of this program is provided below:


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