PhD in Biomedical Engineering

A Wonderful Opportunity for Qualified Egyptian Graduate Students…

Biomedical engineering (BME) is a relatively new engineering discipline.  Students pursuing a degree in BME use their engineering and quantitative analysis expertise to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine to develop new procedures or to conduct research needed to solve clinical problems to improve human health and health care delivery. Students who pursue a biomedical engineering degree want to be of service to people, to partake of the excitement of working with living systems, and to apply advanced technology to solve complex problems of medical care. A biomedical engineer may work with other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians, provide service to people, work with living systems, apply advanced technology to the complex problems of medical care, or start a company based on a new invention. Biomedical engineers may be called upon in a wide range of capacities: to design medical instruments, devices, and software, to bring together knowledge from many technical sources to develop new diagnostic, procedures, or to conduct research needed to solve clinical problems. Biomedical research opportunties and faculty can be found at

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students with wick
Dr. Timothy Wick, Chair of Biomedical Engineering,
at UAB, working with BME students in the laboratory