Ph.D. in Civil Engineering


A Wonderful Opportunity for Qualified Egyptian Graduate Students…

Sustainable architectural and engineering green design has come to the forefront for its use of products and materials that conserve natural resources, provide greater energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and create a healthier and safer environment. Energy consumption, rising cost of petroleum, poor ambient/indoor air quality, severe weather, and global warming are important issues that have been consistently in the news and are likely to have a continued and profound effect on the natural environment and society. In response, the study of “Sustainable Engineering Design and Construction” has emerged in an attempt to rectify damages and forge new environmentally-sound construction techniques and technologies. Only within the past few decades have countries begun to realize that we must protect environmental assets to sustain socioeconomic development. Research is needed to develop concepts and spread education on the design and construction of green buildings that are healthy, energy efficient, and economically sound. UAB is involved in these efforts, and an overall description of research opportunities and list of pertinent UAB faculty can be found at


UAB and AlexU have agreed to collaborate in a dual doctoral degree (PhD) program in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Sustainable Engineering Design and Construction at UAB and AlexU. In this collaborative activity, students from Egyptian universities who are accepted into this program will undertake doctoral-level coursework and research at both AlexU and UAB. Students who successfully complete the program, will receive PhD degrees from both UAB and AlexU (i.e., they will receive two certificates—one from UAB and one from AlexU).

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