National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC)

The National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, about 15 miles north-east of Calicut City. The National Institute of Technology Calicut is a Technical Institution of national importance and offers many highly respected programs. For more information on NITC and the programs offered, click on this link, ( NITC will send students to UAB to earn a PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering.

  The PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering at UAB is focused on bringing together expertise from different areas to solve problems in today’s world. The ability to cross disciplines is vital in this technological age where the problems facing society is multi-faceted and complex. The most exciting opportunities, in industry and academe, are for scientists and engineers working on interdisciplinary teams. Faculty and students use information technology and high performance computing, visualization and virtual reality, and modeling and simulation tools to solve a variety of problems in areas related to, but not limited to, computational fluid dynamics, computational structural mechanics, continuum simulation, bioinformatics, homeland security applications, gene regulatory network, protein interaction network, drug discovery, structural biology, sleep apnea syndrome, human anatomy simulations, and impacts associate with vehicular crashes where the design of the vehicle is evaluated as well as the impact on the occupant, to name only a few.

In this collaborative activity, students from NITC who are accepted into this program will undertake doctoral-level coursework and research at UAB and NITC. Students who successfully complete the program will receive the PhD degree from UAB. If students also complete all of the program requirements for a PhD at NITC, they also receive a PhD from NITC.