Automotive Association for Research in India (ARAI)

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) goal is to assure safe, less polluting and more efficient vehicles in India.   The engineers at ARAI have the technical expertise in all areas related to automotive research.  Also, the ARAI has state of the art testing and certification facilities.  For more information on ARAI, click the website,

The UAB and ARAI partnership will provide students with a cutting edge curriculum, a vast selection of sponsored R&D projects, and a forum for the dissemination and creation of knowledge associated with the automotive industry. In addition to the classroom and university laboratory experiences, students will participate in co-op experiences in the US and India.  These experiences will provide global opportunities for students completing this program.  Students completing this program will be awarded a masters degree (MS) program in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in automotive engineering at UAB.