Laptop Requirement

Policy Gives Students the Option to Work Remotely

laptop policyBy installing engineering software on personal laptops, students will no longer be limited by computer lab locations and availability.In an increasingly digital world, engineering students need access to the technology required for their education. It is no longer feasible for essential schoolwork to be limited to computer labs during certain hours.

To help keep students more connected, the School of Engineering will begin providing required engineering software on student’s personal laptops beginning this fall. Programs that historically have been accessible only in computer labs will be available to students at home, at school, and anywhere they can comfortably access the Internet. In order to achieve this, every engineering student will be required to have a qualified laptop.

    This policy aims to prepare students for the demands of 21st-century careers, which will require the use digital technology in independent as well as team-based workspaces. The policy also allows for future growth within the School of Engineering, since student computer use will no longer be limited by the number of computers in the labs.

Full Laptop Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Configurations (Dell site)


Things to Know

  1. Windows-based laptops only. Apple products or computers that use a Linux operating system may not run required engineering software.
  2. Software will be installed on each student’s laptop, allowing remote access to School of Engineering resources through a virtual private network (VPN).
  3. Rooms that previously housed computer labs will be available as student work spaces, but students will have to bring their own laptops.
  4. IT support will be available weekdays in BEC 357 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.