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Egg-ceptional students from across the state descended on the campus of UAB for the 22nd Annual Brent Newman Memorial Egg Drop Contest. The event sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) drew hundreds of egg-static students. Video cameras from the UAB School of Engineering captured these egg-cellent students in an egg-streme competition to egg-cel.

DSCF5987The purpose of the event is to encourage mechanical engineering thought and design. The students were required to design an apparatus that would protect a raw egg being dropped from the roof of the Business - Engineering Complex. That's three stories! Each entry is judged on three categories - creativity, aparatus mass, and ease of use. Ease of use means, can our judges put an egg in the contraption in less than a minute!

We won't mention who's shells cracked under pressure, but below are the future engineers who landed sunny side up:

Middle School Division
1st - RF Bumpus Middle School - Team 26

2nd - Highlands School - Team 71

3rd - Highlands School - Team 73


High School Division

1st - Gardendale High School - Team 9

2nd - Montevallo High School - Team 100

3rd - Montevallo High School - Team 103

For more information on all things Egg Drop related, please contact Mrs. Kim Hazelwood at (205) 996-5167/934-8460 or