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Rocket_Launch_04High school students from across the state put on a pre-4th of July fireworks show launching rockets they designed and built themselves! Nearly 40 students grouped in teams of three had only four days to get their rocket to lift off.

This event is all part of the first ever Materials Camp hosted by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in conjunction with the Birmingham chapter of ASM International.

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The camp included daily hands-on interactive experience for high school juniors and seniors. Students also took a trip to Acipco to see Materials Science in operation. But the week was highlighted by the challenge to design, build and launch a rocket.

Rocket_Launch_06The rockets are based on model kits but they are built by the high school students strictly from composite materials. The competition went beyond building a rocket by teaching the students how to work together to reach a goal in an intense environment.

We can easily say "Houston, we did not have a problem." Every rocket launched. No rockets caught on fire. Everyone had a blast!

Your winning team featured:
Destiny Askew (John Caroll HS)
Courtney Johnson (Shelby County School of Technology)
Destinie Pippen (Fairfield High School)

Rocket_Launch_05Runner Up teams:
Kennan Lewis (Isabella HS)
Caroline Ludirdja (JCIB)
Ellis Powell (Altamont)

Raven Hatcher (JCIB)
Keyonna Fuller (Moody HS)
JoShea Carson (Woodlawn HS)
Brandon Burroughs (Pleasant Grove)

Best Name: Mango Fortress

Highest Rocket: approximately 345 ft

Best Looking: White glass fiber composite body with black carbon fiber lightning-shaped fins