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Baja_MudOut of more than 50 teams of engineering students from across the world - UAB students place 3rd in the Baja SAE Birmingham 2011! The three-day event held in Cullman County featured teams from as far away as Korea and as near as Auburn. The event lets students put all-terrain vehicles they built from scratch in a series of tests including acceleration, pulling and maneuvering through a water course without sinking. As you can tell by the picture of the 32 car - if there was a mud category UAB would have been 1st in a landslide!

Baja_Team_32The UAB team entered two cars into the Baja SAE Birmingham 2011. Both cars made fabulous runs and each finished the entire race including the four hour long endurance test… In the overall race the UAB team finished 3rd! No other in-state school finished in the Top Ten. Another outstanding achievement for the UAB team was receiving three other trophies - 3rd place in Suspension and Traction, 3rd place in Endurance and 5th in Cost.

The goal for this dynamic and endurance course was to challenge the students in multiple aspects. First off, they had to think and carefully plan out a route that would work while being closely grouped together. Then there is the endurance track - a large part of any Baja event. One of the highlights of the track in Cullman is the 1000+ foot M-shaped water feature. It drags the maneuverability aspect of the water dynamic course straight into the endurance race. As if that is not hard enough, the endurance track is approximately 1.75 miles long with a wide variety of obstacles and experiences including deep mud, hills, off-camber turns, tight wooded areas, and a wide area with banked turns, table tops and jumps.

Baja_Team_49Teams competing in the annual event came from Korea, Canada, Mexico, the University of Michigan, the University of South Carolina, and Virginia Tech. Joining UAB in the competition from the state of Alabama were Auburn, Alabama and UAH. The event was designed to provide a competitive and educational experience. It was held at Cullman County's Stoney Lonsome OHV Park near Bremen.