Associate Professor
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago


Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering with over 20 years of transportation experience. Since joining UAB in 2002, she has directed the UAB transportation program, and supported the Great Urban Serving Universities Program, the University Transportation Center for Alabama, and UAB University Transportation Center through research, scholarship, and service activities.  She now leads the collaboration between UAB and STRIDE, a Regional University Transportation Center (UTC) funded through RITA in 2012 and led by the University of Florida. Prior to joining UAB, Dr. Sisiopiku was an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University and a faculty member of the Traffic Safety and Operation Center of Excellence. She has also served as an Adjunct Faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology and as a consulting transportation engineer in Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, and Georgia.

Research Interest

Dr. Sisiopiku’s research interests include intelligent transportation systems, congestion management, traffic operations and safety, simulation and modeling, non-motorized transportation, and transportation security.

Current Research (2010-present)

  1. Empirically-Based Performance Assessment and Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior at Unsignalized Crossings with Schroeder B., Elefteriadou L, USDOT through STRIDE.
  2. Digital Advertising Billboards and Driver Distraction, with A. Gan, D. Stavrinos, and A. Sullivan (co-PIs), USDOT through the National Center for Transportation System Productivity and Management.
  3. Development of Educational and Professional Training Modules on Green/Sustainability Design and Rating Systems for Neighborhood Development and Transportation, with Peters R.W. andAmekudzi  A. (co-PIs), USDOT through STRIDE.
  4. Transportation Workforce Development,USDOT through STRIDE.
  5. Optimizing EMS through the Use of Intelligent Transportation Systems Technologies with A. Sullivan, M. Hadi, R. Griffin, USDOT through the National Center for Transportation System Productivity and Management.
  6. A Naturalistic Driving Study Across the Lifespan, with D. Starvinos and L. Ross, USDOT, through STRIDE
  7. Regional Data Clearinghouse Activities-Transportation Data Center, Phase II, with A. Sullivan, Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham.
  8. Impact of Transit Integration in a Complete Streets Context,USDOT through the University Transportation Center for Alabama.
  9. “Ride Safe”-Reducing Motorcycle Traffic Accidents and Resulting Injuries by Examining How Information on Safety and Health is shared in an Online Motorcycle Community, with S. Cotten and T. Hale, UAB Center for the Study of Community Health
  10. Development of a Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Simulation Model for Incident andEmergency Management Applications in the Birmingham Region with A. Sullivan, F.H. Fouad, W. Hitchcock, K. Mouskos, C. Barrett, T. Vick, B.B. Keskin, S.H. Melouk, A. Ziliaskopoulos, and D. Turner, USDOT through the UAB University Transportation Center.
  11. The UAB Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus— A Transit Initiative with F. Fouad, A. Sullivan, J. Goldman, and R. Peters, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), USDOT.
  12. Measuring Non-Recurrent Congestion in Alabama Cities, with A. Sullivan (PI), and S. Sikder, USDOT through the University Transportation Center for Alabama.
  13. Assessment of Pedestrian Activity and Behavior: University Blvd and 14th St S., University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  14. Performance Measurement System (PeMS) Research and Support (V11): Effects of Weather on Freeway Operations and Congestion, with A. Skabardonis, CALTRANS.
  15. GO-ing Forward, with M. Fouad et al; NIH- National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities.


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