Construction Engineering Management Alumni Survey 2012

1. Iam
  Male   84.6% 66  
  Female     15.4% 12  
2. My current age is:
  20-29   40.5% 32
  30-39   36.7% 29  
  40-49   15.2% 12
  50-59   6.3% 5
  60+   1.3% 1
3. I graduated from CEM in:
  2008   6.3% 5
  2009   8.9% 7
  2010   25.3% 20  
  2011     19.0% 15  
  2012     40.5% 32  
4. My participation in CEM has enhanced my career in the following ways:
    Srongly Agree Agree

No Real

Disagree Strongly Disagree      
  Improved my network/ability to network

63.3% (38) 53.8% (28) 24.4% (10) 2.0% (0) 25.0%(1)   77  
  Improved my ability to communicate and champion ideas

68.3% (41) 59.6% (31) 14.6% (6) (0) (0)   78  
  Provided me new opportunities to explore

81.7% (49) 50.6% (26) 7.3% (3) 20.0%(1) 25.0%(1)   77  
  Resulted in an increase in salary 36.7% (22) 23.1% (12) 82.9% (34) 80.0% (4) 100.0% (4)   76  
  Broadened my knowledge base which makes me much more effective in my role today.  
  Not yet on the salary increase. I am self-employed. Increased my technical and leadership skills/knowledge.  
  Applying class principles with using the BIM software to layout out machines in a warehouse to provide electrical drop points.  
  I am currently being considered for positions in other companies which will result in an increase in salary.  
  In regards to salary, I have not been able to secure a new job yet since graduating, so I cannot answer this question.  
5. The state where I resided while in the program:  
  Alabama       73  
  Georgia       1  
  North Dakota       1  
  Sourth Carolina       1  
  Tennessee       1  
  Texas       1  
6. What industry are you currently working in?
  Financial Services
  0.0% 0  
  Construction Management   26.0% 20  
  Project Management   18.2% 14  
  General Contractors/Subs   15.6% 12  
  Equipment and Materials Suppliers   2.6% 2  
  Banking/Finance   0.0% 0  
  Education   5.3% 4  
  Healthcare   0.0% 0  
  Information Systems   0.0% 0  
  Manufacturing   9.1% 7  
  Military/Government   3.9% 3  
  Utilities/Public Works   19.5% 15  
7. My annual income has changed by this percentage since beginning CEM
  Decreased by more than 10%   2.6% 2  
  Decreased less than 10%   2.6% 2  
  Stayed about the same   35.1% 27  
  Increased less than 5%   11.7% 9  
  Increased 6-10%   15.6% 12  
  Increased 11-20%   10.4% 8  
  Increased 21-30%   7.8% 6  
  Increased 31-40%   7.8% 6  
  Increased 41-50%   3.9% 3  
  Increased more than 50%   2.6% 2  
8. I regard CEM as a good investment and a good career move.
  Yes     96.2% 76  
  No     3.8% 3  
9. Please describe any other impact CEM has had on your career.
  The CEM has definitely provided me with the tools necessary to be a major asset to any company once provided the opportunity.  
  Motivated me to apply different levels and positions in the construction industry.  
  It has given me more confidence in my everyday work tasks. It has also given me more recognition in the job market.  
  I think it will greatly enhance my resume' and future job prospects.  
  Prepared me for another higher endeavor.  
  Greatly improved understanding of new technologies and improving philosophies of construction management world wide.  
  In general, obtaining the CEM Master's Degree will allow me the opportunity to teach construction management and engineering courses (part-time) at local community colleges and technical schools. The CEM program has also given me the tools needed to test for several professional certifications in the field of construction project manangement and engineering. Also, I believe that the CEM program will open new doors of opportunity for employment with larger engineering and construction companies, which should increase my current salary and benefits. Lastly, as the economy improves and the demand for construction and engineering increases, the possibilities for having obtained the knowledge offered from the CEM program are endless.  
  I expect the CEM program to open many doors as my careers continutes to progress.  
  I started my own General Contracting Firm.  
  Broadened my understanding of the construction industry, especially in terms of financial/accounting and business aspect. In addition, CEM has greatly increased my knowledge of scheduling and enterprise structure as regards construction industry.
Enhanced my resume that resulted in a career change within my current company. There is no doubt in my mind the CEM degree gave me the advantage for receiving my latest position in the construction project management group.
  I am interviewing for a position as President of a company in Texas. My work background and Masters has helped a great deal.  
  I was able to transition from an engineer to a project manager smoothly.  
  Adding CEM to my resume has had no effect on my ability to secure work. In fact, after being let go from my employer due to "lack of work" (a period of 9 months), I have only been able to secure three interviews. I accepted a short-term position at a greatly reduced salary just to "stay alive."  
  The UAB CEM program was one of the best investments of time and money that I have made in my career. This program provided me with practical knowledge and the ability to interact with others in the program who brought different perspectives from diverse companies and industries. It truly broadened my body of knowledge in this area and resulted in very positive results for my career.  
  The CEM program has given me a greater understanding of the "why"s and "how"s of project management issues and decisions relative to the projects I have worked on, and am working on, within my company. The program greatly increased my project management knowledge and abilities and has improved my marketability to management for future projects.  
  The Army Corps of Engineers requires a Masters in Construction Project Management to work in the position of Construction Quality Control Manager which is the position I was able to assume shortly before graduation. If not for the program I could not have been the CQC Manager and it would have cost my company a great deal to hire someone from outside the company to fill the position.  
  Even though that my salary decreased, I believe in the long run it will increase as my field experience grows.  
  It has led me to be perceived as an expert in my field.  
  Added more content to my resume and have something on paper.  
  It has made me much more marketable.  
  The program has opened the opportunity for me to work with one of the leading engineering firms in the world. URS energy and construction.  
  It has given me the ability to say I have a Master's degree when filling out job resumes. A lot of potential employers won't look at you unless you have a Masters.  
  CEM provided me with the fundamentals and core competencies to supplement the degrees and experience that I already had. The program allowed me to apply what I learned in real time to my job in Project Management. I also built a network of friends and colleagues that I continue to maintain and have been able to hire into my organization improving not just my career by my company. It's hard to fully describe the value that I got out of this program. I was also well positioned and prepared to take and pass the PMP.  
  Ability to relate project related attributes to an overall company strategy.  
  The world view since the twenty first century and how to make a difference.  
  CEM has resulted in others in the construction industry as a true construction professional. Although I was already working in the construction industry the knowledge I gained in the industry has broadened my abilities and credibility exponentially.  
  I feel much more competent in my knowledge of the construction industry. I am currently in a procurement management position that I would not otherwise be in without the benefits of having completed this program.  
  While I still believe field experience will always rule over the classroom, I do believe the CEM program exposed me to different ways of thinking and pushed me to look at the bigger picture. I feel as a new small business owner, it has given me a solid base on which to structure and manage that company.  
  Gave me the tools and time to prepare for my PMP certification.  
  It has position me to be a better manager of personnel and time.  
  CEM really enhanced my Project Management skills and some of the tools we used were 2+ years ahead of our company for incorporation which gave me a competitive edge on my peers. A great program coupled with passionate instructors made for an enriching experience with sustainable knowledge.  
  It helped me bring my own experience full circle. I had only experienced certain areas of the industry and CEM helped me understand the others.  
  It has greatly improved my professional validation and accreditations.  
  Made me more versatile in the market place.  
  The CEM Program has the potential of opening many new doors for me and hopefully will benefit me in the short term.  
  Hopefully has added some amount of respect to my educational background.  
10. The CEM experience was a great benefit to me.
  Strongly agree   69.6% 55  
  Agree   24.1% 19  
  Neither agree nor disagree   3.8% 3  
  Disagree   2.5% 2  
  Strongly Disagree   0.0% 0