Optimizing EMS through the Use of Intelligent Transportation Systems Technologies, USDOT

This research project investigates needs and opportunities associated with the use of ITS as a tool for improving delivery of emergency services during routine and large-scale operations. More specifically the study examines in depth ITS technologies and transportation management strategies to a) optimize deployment of EMS resources within the transportation grid, b) mitigate non-recurrent incident induced congestion and its impacts on EMS responders and the general public, and c) optimize the use of healthcare resources to improve surge capacity under routine operations as well as manmade, natural, or public health disasters.

 A large scale transportation simulation model will be developed that will integrate attributes of a real transportation network with those of a comprehensive healthcare delivery system (e.g. ambulances, medical facilities, shelters, dispatching services) in a unique test bed that will allow in-depth analysis and experimentation.  EMS records and historical travel time data will be used to quantify the impacts of emergency incidents and assess the ability of ITS technologies to reduce them.